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What’s the point of Cards?

Simply – It’s a way of showing Love.


There are a million different ways of showing Love.

Huggs, cooking a cake, walk together, reading aloud . . . . organise a film night.  Compliments, wright a poem, grow flowers, wash the dishes, babysit, take them out for dinner.  Send a video montage. . . . . . . .

A card is particularly good at showing that you’re thinking about the person and remembering all that they go through.

Being artistic I always made my own cards.  The effort i put into making the image is how I naturally show that I care.

Here is how I make my cards.

I begin by thinking of little designs which are uplifting, pretty and encouraging.  Using a black permanent OHP marker I draw the outline of the image onto acetate.  On the OTHER SIDE of the acetate I colour in the image with colored permanent markers.  This stops the outline from smudging with the colour.


Then it’s just a matter of deciding what colored/ textured/ painted paper looks best behind it.  Cutting them all down to size their ready to be stitched together with a sewing machine.  It’s not a good idea to glue the acetate because you’ll be able to see ugly patches of glue across your image.  When the Acetate is sewn onto a backing coloured paper it can then be suck onto the card.  The colours are jewellike shining on the acetate.

Here are some cards I’ve made.



I would encourage you to try it yourself.   If your not confident at drawing there is the option of tracing onto the acetate because it’s see through.   I would love to see the cards you come up with.  Put them in the comments!

These cards are for sale at the Two Door Studio in Alsager, Cheshire, UK.


If you would like me to make a card for someone you appreciate contact me through a private message on Facebook or comment here.


Handmade Textile Festival

ANNOUNCEMENT, My work  is now for sale at the 2 Door Studio in Alsager!

4 thread

I had the privilege of growing up in the rugged green mountains of North Wales.  Nature is incomprehensibly stunning!  Running to the beach, I felt free; climbing the mountains, I found adventure.  Now living in Cheshire, settled with my husband, I find peace in the still expanse of Cheshire flats.  Feeling tiny next to acres of green and seeing that there’s more to the world than my little life.

I want to capture the joy and peace I find in the countryside with these textile collage landscapes.  Combining the textures of organza, plastic, ribbon , wax, ink and paint with stitching, I want to capture more than the view, it’s the experience of being there.

A Sudden Breeze

Being outside in the countryside is the most wonderful thing.  There’s so much to look at and so much to feel.

Sudden brease thread.png


Pellteroedd (Distances)

I took the train from Crewe to Sandbach for work every day and the view was this over and over.

pellteroedd thread



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Let God speak to your soul

I sometimes draw at church.

 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”  (Mathew 22 v 37)  This was what we were learning and exploring this Sunday and here’s what I drew.

sketchbooksketchbook 2


I’m always making sure that my Christian faith isn’t just a religion, where you do the right thing and follow the right traditions.   The Christian Faith is about having a personal relationship with God.  Letting God speak and change my innermost soul , heart and mind.  It’s such a beautiful thing I wanted to try and show the feeling in a painting.

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Art is often considered a luxury.

In old churches however art has a really practical purpose: To tell stories to those who can’t read.  I like that!


I looked at lots of stained glass images and decided to paint my own.  Telling what I think is the bizarest story in the bible.

So sit down and listen to the story of Jonah told simply through my stained glass inspired painting. Continue reading Jonah

Bunny Love on the Rocks

Bunny 2

I came across Love on the Rocks on Facebook this week and I thought

“What a lovely idea!”

Love on the Rocks Wistaston, Crewe & Nantwich

Love on the Rocks UK

So I painted a Rock!

Here’s pictures of the process.


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Bible verses in colour

My church is holding an evening of creative activity and I was asked to create examples of what could be done.

both example framed

I’ve not done much typography in my life because I’ve always been drawn to images.  But writing by hand and illustrating verses has become more popular recently and with good reason:

  1. It’s relatively easy to do.
  2. It’s a creative way of engaging and investing in God’s word.
  3. If hung around your home they are a silent and personal reminder of God’s promises.
  4. They are pretty.

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